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Let the ruby shine !

Recently I’ve discovered the Ruby Scripting langauge for me. And got dependent of it 🙂 Programming has never been so much fun as i have now, with ruby. It’s not simple source code development, its the continuous attempt to wirte the code the ruby way. In ruby its possible to produce very concise but still well readable code. In only one week i produced more source codes in ruby, than i did in all other languages over all past time. You get the idea for some programm or algorithm, you fire up the ditor, write down your code, make debugging, read some additional info in web on that special issue. and you are done. Ruby is as transparent as possible. Java ? No, thanks. I dont want to cancel all my previous expierience with Java, but Ruby is much more lightweight, and it has less syntax boundaries the ruby language is very natural, all concepts are well documented, every part of the language is consistent with the other part.  In Java there are many „black-box“ concepts. You are forced to use code while  you never understood why this code  works. In ruby every single syntactical construct is well documented or discussed on the web. Ruby uses conventions, but you can always use your own way of doing it and come to the same result. Less efficiently, maybe, but still. And after getting more understanding for better syntactical constructs you may rewrite your code into more efficient one.  

I’m totally (positively) smashed by Ruby. It just took me over 🙂

May be i will post some stories with sources of my ruby adventures later.


Which language

Im not a programmer. Programming is the way i do sometimes spend my spare time on weekend, thinking over an algorithm or two. I see ruby language makes lots of thing much easier, because of this nifty object model, it look like you can even do ( Ruby.write.theProgram.forMe ) and the interpreter would obey 🙂 But what i’am looking for, is a language where you can quickly and easily try out some algorithms, for instance, matrix conversion or similar simple algorithms. I understand, that to get familiar with ruby i have to trust it on the way it does things in lots of cases. I wish the language wouldn’t make so much work for you, so you can see, what is going on behind the scenes, where do objects come from, ans so on. Like java. But java is a little bit heavyweight for some quick trial-and-error session. I like the way on C language very much. It does nearly nothing for you, it has got a high level of standartization over the years. It is the language of operating systems. But its somewhat not a „mainstream“. People take C only when the doing some project where they have to communicate to the maschine or operation system. It is never mentioned as Programming language for hobbyists. I like C very much. The modern-fashioned languages like ruby , python  have their own way of defining things, and they try to help the programmer by taking much of the low-level programming off him.

Is there something in the middle between C and Ruby/Python  ? Objective C maybe ? C++ ?

I need your advice.